Get to know Greg

Outside of work, I am a husband, father, and ordained Dudeist Priest. I am obsessed with music and have been failing to learn guitar (guess that makes me a professional appreciator). My wife and I share a huge record collection, with roughly 1,000 12" vinyl records (and innumerable 45s). I collect vintage computers and game consoles (mostly 8 & 16 bit), baseball caps, globes, and Chewbacca paraphernalia. I love baseball as an experience (but barely follow the standings, as an experienced Seattle Mariners fan), and redesign baseball and basketball uniforms and identities in my head when I'm bored.

Gregory Bowers is a UX designer with 20+ years building, shaping, and researching interfaces, products, experiences, services, and design systems.

GB practices inclusive design, is an accessibility a11y, and adheres to the Designer's Code of Ethics

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